Computerised Wheel Alignment

Improve the handling of your car

Our aim at Fosters Tyre Services is to keep your car on the road safely, smoothly and economically. Over time kerbing, pot holes and poor road surfacing can contribute to your car's wheels being misaligned. When this happens you can suffer from extra tyre wear, pulling of the steering wheel and decreased fuel economy. These can all be corrected using our state of the art computerised wheel alignment system at both depots.

Wheel alignment specialists

With a team of wheel alignment specialists as well as the latest in computerised laser wheel alignment equipment, we are able to correct any alignment issues you may have. Using computerised wheel alignment technology has enabled us to align your wheel to a high degree of accuracy, thus improving both the handling of your car as well as decreasing your tyre wear.

Wheel Alignment can

• Cancels out vibrations
• Decreases tyre wear
• Improves handling
• Increases fuel economy
Wheel Alignment

If you are looking for specialist wheel alignment in Belfast, call Fosters Tyre Services Ltd on
028 9061 7341 or 028 9031 3505

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